Excerpts from my diary…

I religiously follow Ted Talks, but, the other day was very special. I heard – Guy Winch. For those who do not know, he is a licensed psychologist, author, and keynote speaker. A few minutes later, I found myself shuffling pages of his website and look what I got – He had a story too! I couldn’t help but smile, coz’, instantly I felt connected.

There is nothing more agonizing than a story untold, so don’t reserve yourself. Stories connect us. When we listen to someone, we say, “Hey, this happens with me too!” or “Really, I will keep that in mind”, or maybe, “Well! You know I have had a different experience, let me share mine with you”. Suddenly, you become richer than what you were 2 minutes ago. Richer in terms of experience, perspectives, ideas. There is no chance that you would end up loosing anything. You start believing more and there comes a point when you find that most of your problems have found a solution, you know where?

In those stories…



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