A two minute conversation…

The other day, I spoke to a two-time cancer survivor, who also suffered from many miscarriages, a still-born child and a broken rib. I don’t know what was I expecting her to sound like, but, she was fascinating. A heartfelt laughter, remarkable confidence and a warm welcome is what she gave me. I felt invited into a space she was more than happy to share, there was no filter of any kind ruling her mind. I am sure it is impossible to believe what she must have gone through, but, the ease with which she spoke to me, it did not seem so difficult.

I reflected for long after we spoke. The negatives easily corner us and do not let us see beyond, they are sticky, opaque, they let you believe yourself to be the only person affected by the situation. Even when you do have a reason or a rationale behind your persistent negativity, you wouldn’t pay attention to it, simply because, you have been told not to do so, or maybe because, you don’t want to. Somewhere in this back and forth, you get stuck. All the ‘wrongs’ seem to gain more closeness with you than the ‘rights’.

Let’s just, for once, try to empty ourselves, to unstuck and re-build, to talk and not restrain, to engage as much as we can, have faith and most importantly ‘pay attention’. I think there is no point listening to a story if it does not offer you a lesson at the end. Thank You Neerja Malik for talking to me the other day. I look forward to meet you soon.

– Manvi

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