Susan Foley Rocco – Transformation Can Happen In A Nanosecond

Inspirations lead to Inspirations! 

Seen that and now, I strongly believe it. Susan and I met a year and a half back on LinkedIn. A two minute conversation led to Skype. I still remember her words, “I was looking for someone like you and see, we are talking!”. Soon enough, I started covering stories for her platform – Women To Watch.  
Today, when I look back, I don’t see her as someone I once met over LinkedIn, but, as my mentor. Every relationship that we build in life is about trust, and, that takes time and effort. Thank you for bringing the best in me. I am extremely proud to share your article on my platform – Real Life Heroes.
– Manvi

The amazing story of Susan Foley Rocco

As a young girl, I was always asking the big questions… why are we here and what is the meaning of life.  The problem was that in my family, that kind of deep thinking was not embraced and even made fun of at times. My innate optimism and openness was often labeled naïve and silly – the girl with the rose colored glasses.  What I later learned was that I loved my rose colored glasses, and I would not take them off ever again for anyone. It just took me many years to get there.

I struggled for many years with a sadness and a lack of confidence, but I also had a sense deep down that I wanted to make the world a better place. While I chose not to share any of these feelings with anyone, I continued to work very hard on myself and to analyze who I was and why I was here.

After many years of “self therapy,” I had a tremendous revelation in the summer of 2012.  It was August on a Thursday morning, at 9 AM and I was standing in the shower. I realized that I was an original. That word original was very powerful for me.  If every human being on the planet is original, that’s amazing!  That’s actual miraculous!!!  There are billions of people, and every single one is original?  Well then each one of us must have something different to offer the world. 

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Know more about ‘Our Hero’ – Susan Rocco @ Women to Watch™ Media

You can also follow her on Twitter – @women2watchtalk

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