Christmas Miller – When it comes to our emotions and energy, the dominant energy always takes the lead

“People commit mistakes, so have I, but, a zillion times!

The only thing that may set me apart is the very fact that, I don’t shy away in accepting those. I apologize (when needed), I welcome change (with open arms), I reflect (because, I have a lot to reflect on) and above all, I feel it and I refuse to let go that feeling of being wrong at several points in my life. You know why, because, the wrong has been my way to the right! After carefully settling the unsettled thoughts, I have, though with some resistance, learnt to obey my conscience, be more receptive and a lot more positive.”

– Manvi

The perks of being a writer –

It is magical and somehow, gratifying to me, how two people with no parallels meet and talk about life, share and seek whatever possible from each other. The most beautiful part of such conversations is, there is no reminder of how one should or is supposed to portray oneself. I am an ardent follower of TED Talks and interestingly, all my learning happens during these 10-15 minutes of talk (s). You would understand what I am saying when you will listen to Kio Stark, she gave a Ted Talk on “Why one should talk to strangers?” She says, “Discover the unexpected pleasures and exciting possibilities of talking to people you don’t know—how these beautiful interruptions can change you, and the world we share.”

A while back, I met this amazing human being, the very special and encouraging – Christmas Miller through LinkedIn. She is a certified master life coach and holistic health practitioner. She is the founder of Illuminations Intuitive Consult, ThriveNLifeNow.

Today, it gives me profound happiness to share her piece – “Owning Your Happiness: The Power of Being and Living Positivity”, that, she has written and compiled for my platform – Real Life Heroes (tag – #BecauseYouMatter).

I am truly thankful beyond words!!


Christmas Miller, founder of Illuminations Intuitive Consult, ThriveNLifeNow


Owning Your Happiness: The Power of Being and Living Positivity

There are so many reasons to be positive but yet in the midst of so much negativity in the world, in our minds and experiences, it seems like such a simple statement is hard to achieve. I know from experience how important it is to be positive and optimistic during life’s challenges. I also know that you must do more than think positive, you must also walk by example with positive thoughts in expression and action. 


For many who are experiencing the powerful emotions of pain and fear, the two questions of: how to be positive and why you need to be, is lost due to their inability to surmount such deep negative feelings. I will start with the reasons (Why?) because there is so many that benefit you. It becomes clearer as you go through your reasons (Why?) and then, the best way of doing it (How?) becomes apparent.

I’ve often said, that, one should always do a self-check for their “Why” to anything in their life. Doing this keeps you honest with yourself and focused on the intention and purpose of the reason you’re doing it in the first place. If you lose sight of your “Why?” then you begin to spiral into directions that take you further from the purpose. So, why should a person be and living a life of positivity? Well, because of the many powerful and positive benefits that you receive.

Here are a few convincing reasons:

  • You are not a slave to the past; you can move forward.
  • You are not stuck in negative and painful emotions
  • You heal emotionally faster
  • You can align easily with your goals and desires
  • You become more clear and confident
  • You are happier and more content

These are a few reasons, but, there is so much more. Positivity equates to positive energy, and we live in a Universe that is composed of nothing but energy. When it comes to energy, I’ve often said that energy doesn’t discriminate and it’s true. When it comes to our emotions and energy, the dominant energy always takes the lead.


Being positive leads to more positive emotions and actions, which then leads to attracting and experiencing more positive situations and events. It took me many years to understand this and how to do it. I had no clue about manifesting, the power of emotions or knowledge of the Law of Attraction. It was hands-on-life- training with no manual or template. It was a process, and I had to learn how to do it by trial and error. I had all kinds of physical evidence that challenged my belief system, my feelings about my worthiness and then there was the negative mindset that was trying to take hold, for example, two failed marriages and being a single mother raising 5-children practically alone. Soon afterwards (like most people), I realized like I wasn’t prepared for the challenges and consequences of the decisions I made

So, I know from experience what it’s like to be trapped deep in your own head, challenged by your regurgitated negative thoughts and feelings along with those of others that’s projected on you. I certainly know what it’s like to be in a scarcity consciousness and to wonder what will happen next, what’s the point of it all and even if what you’re doing is the right thing for you. I’ve been there and back. I know, because, I walk the same path that everyone does and that is learning how to own and live your happiness. The quickest way there is to stay out of your head!

Whether you realize it or not, this is a lesson every human being is learning. I’ve noticed after working with thousands of people for the last 17 years it’s a common thread we all share.   


And there should never be any shame with acknowledging and owning what needs work in your life and when you need help to become healthier and happy. Anyone who says different, I would highly question his or her views and intentions about what’s best for you.

So you may think, how can you achieve this happiness and positivity? Here are a few ways:

Let it all go

One of the most important steps is to find a way to emotionally let go of the focused negative emotions and thoughts you are experiencing. So, stop thinking incessantly or in general about what’s wrong, what’s bothering you or what could happen (in the worst way). Don’t fixate on negative feelings and thoughts. Don’t allow negative people to plant seeds in your head or taint your perspective. Stay focused on what you desire to see that happen and work towards that in your actions.

Take back your control emotionally and physically

You are always in control of what you do and to whom you give your energy, your emotions, time and attention. We often like to think that we don’t have choices, but in truth we do. Often we don’t like the options nor the consequences of choosing the options we’d prefer, so we settle on something that is perceived as safe. This perception is often a false belief or one that temporarily comforts and is accepted by everyone but ourselves. But again, it’s your choice and your power to exercise it at that moment regardless of your reasons – good or bad.

Choose what is best for you and most importantly what feels right

Those you love automatically benefit from it when you do. Never buy into the false belief that they don’t because when you honor yourself first, everyone benefits. When you decide what is best for you regardless of who likes it or not, you are choosing alignment with ‘Self.’ When you do this, you are always doing the right thing for you. One sure way to know this is true; you will experience peace of mind, despite the challenges that lead up to the decision. Nothing can shake that, not the fall-out from the decision or the disapproval or negative responses from anyone can place a dent in your peace of mind. Some people equate that to not giving a damn, well, you can call it what you want. The point is, you feel grounded, relieved and actually at peace despite it all.

Listen to your gut instinct

No matter where you are born and raised on this planet, people have that higher self-awareness of themselves constantly trying to get their attention to lead them towards peace and wellbeing of what is right for them. Unfortunately, fear, hate, and negative mindsets, and negative beliefs contribute to the constant drowning out of your inner voice. Being positive is a deliberate act of taking back control of your life, your emotions, and aligning with the belief that you can have a life of peace, balance, and wellbeing because you desire and deserve it.

Own your happiness

To own your happiness requires two primary action steps. The first is to set the intention to be happy. It’s important to know what makes you happy, what makes you feel positive and good, and what is important to you. These are your deal breakers, and you never settle on these things. Then second, you carry these things out and express them in your thoughts, feelings, and actions. So, if you need loving supportive and non-judgmental friends in your life to be happy and supported, you won’t settle for the opposite. Remember, it’s a choice what and who you allow in your life. Owning your happiness doesn’t mean you won’t have any new challenges, far from it. What owning your happiness does over time is create a natural synergy and alignment in your ability to overcome your challenges, enable you to create new alternatives strategically, yet maintain your balance in a way that your problems don’t completely throw your life into a tailspin. A mouthful? You betcha, but all truth! You become stronger, happier and more determined to continue making your life one worth living. For this reason alone, is the ultimate WHY for anyone to be and live positively.   


This article has been written by Christmas Miller for my platform Real Life Heroes (the tag – #BecauseYouMatter)

You can reach out to Christmas on:

Website –, Official E-Mail –,

Cell Number – 404-966-8557, LinkedIn – Christmas Miller

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