Empowerment, not just employment – Priyank Patel


“Nukkad is not just a teafe, we are a social movement aiming to engage, employ and empower” – Priyank Patel, The Founder of Nukkad – The Teafe

Priyank Patel graduated in Electronics and Telecommunication in 2007 from Shankracharya college of engineering, got placed in an IT firm Tech Mahindra in Delhi and worked with various other firms for next 4 years.

He was chosen for prestigious Young India Fellowship by ICICI Foundation under which he worked extensively with various organizations in Gujarat, Odisha, Maharashtra for two years. He worked on rural livelihood, stayed within the community, experienced the village based economy, social structure of Indian villages and the gap in our system.

Soon, he realized an immediate need for an interactive​ community space that works as an inspiration, hence, came with the idea of a Chai cafe that will employ and empower the marginalized segment of the society that is – Hearing impaired and Transgender.

Started in year 2013, currently Nukkad – The Teafe has 3 outlets in two cities and has employed 20+​ hearing impaired and 5 Transgender community members.

Nukkad, The Teafe

The inclusivity of Nukkad is beyond impressive, it encourages the dreams of those who are unique in their own account and have every right on future possibilities – the disabled and the transgenders. It acknowledges their presence, and also, honors their intellect. It gives them a space to be real and a sense of belonging to attach with. Nukkad gracefully embraces a combination of ‘Marginalized’ ‘Equality’ and stands firm for its affiliations. 

What excites one further is a perfectly-stitched and a well-fitted ambiance with a collective credited to little moments of joy. It celebrates solidarity and conveys the heartfelt in the most creative manner. From dream catchers hanging on the sidewalls to thousands of ‘thank you notes’ pinned on a cardboard, from portraits of our favorite comic characters to captivating artwork by autistic children, from talking in sign language to comforting hugs in return, this place is a force that openly challenges closed mindsets.


Wish to know more about Nukkad? Don’t worry, we recently did a Facebook Live with Priyank Patel.
Click on the link below to listen

You can also check out Nukkad’s official Facebook Page – 


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