The Story Of A Sound Healer, Muna Light

One of the major reasons I wanted to visit Bhutan was to see Buddhist monasteries, particularly for the inexplicable peace, the healing they offer. The experience was profound, it was magical. The sound of constant chanting when reaches you, you feel a sense of liberation. The chants help you connect with your remotest self, you learn to forgive in those moments of elusive isolation. You recover from fear, from sorrow, or any negative influence that you may have been afflicted with. When you return, you become a different person, someone who is more grateful for the past, more thankful for the present and more hopeful about the future.

The Chants are sound waves that penetrate the depths of your unconscious mind and adjust the vibration of all aspects of your being. You feel them entering you and as you release yourself, you become one with each wave. I did not know that sound healing/therapy has been in existence since ages, even though I had always enjoyed listening to Chants or any soothing sound. I could never decipher its relaxing effect on my mind, my body.

Co-incidently a few months back, I met sound healer Muna Light from UK (Marcia Escoffery) and she told me her inspiring story, her journey to become who she is today – a sound healer. How she recognized herself as someone who could heal people, even when she was completely broken from inside. You know, it was like the ‘Universe’ conspiring, had I published this story a month back (even a few weeks back), I would never have fully understood the magnificent impact of sound. I would have probably lost myself somewhere in transit. I would not have done justice to Marcia Escoffery and her amazing story. Today I can, completely.

So, here it is. I am sharing yet another video all the way from UK. This is an inspiring story of Sound Healer Muna Light (Marcia Escoffery) exclusively for Real Life Heroes – By Manvi. Thank you Marcia for sharing your story with me and with the world.

Listen to her. Her voice is majestic! Muna Sound Healing

Muna Light sharing her inspirational journey –

(Please turn on the sound after clicking on the play button)

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