For the longest time, I thought silence doesn’t work at all, it’s a submission of those who can’t fight anymore. I was terribly wrong. There is nothing more intimidating than a silent reply. There is nothing more intimate than a silent return. The strength in your silence can be more challenging than the strength in your words and dominance in your tone. For everytime, you push yourself to speak up, hold on for a moment to embrace the silence in your storm. It will give you an estimate of a possible destruction that you may cause. For everytime you push yourself to react, give way to your silence to sniff the ground. It will give you an estimate of how inflammable your senses are. The gift of silence is not innate, it’s acquired. They who tempt you to speak, gift you silence in return. Take it. Silence has the power to rest all your chaos, all your vices, only if you know ‘How’. You sure will be judged on your silence, but, isn’t it better than being judged on your words? A relationship of silence is more lasting than a relationship of words. It reserves some scope to revisit the murky lanes… It reserves some scope to reconcile.  
What is worth pondering is the camaraderie between Words and Silence  with little help of words, Silence is easy to write all that you wish to write off…
Real Life Heroes – By Manvi

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