What a fantastic article! 

Admitting Your Vulnerabilities Will Make You Happier and More Successful, New Study Proves

There is a line in it that says, ‘Vulnerability is a serious business’. It sure is, a lot more than just a concept decorating itself in a book under some headline. I have not just one, but several examples of how vulnerability showcases our authentic self. One must move out of that protective layer of predominant norms or set behavioral patterns or disciplined answers that deem fit to society. You will be judged anyway, but what your vulnerable self presents will leave more room for human connect than your protective self. Vulnerability is about taking risk, it’s about self-acceptance, it’s about being able to express in a most intimate manner. A lot of times, it’s so happens that I write, I take down my post, then, I put it up again. That run through time of 5 minutes in between is a time when I trade off between – How would I be perceived by my audience? and How I perceive myself? I choose the latter all the time because the audience keep changing all the time, while you remain. You cannot be guarded yet be real!

Real Life Heroes – By Manvi



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