I Received a Beautiful Gift

Writing is one of the most beautiful art forms. I never like to be called ‘a writer’, I like being admired as an artist. And, if there is anything that I am extremely grateful for, it’s the experiences that have led me to delve into this art form.

When I started writing at the age of 16, I wondered, if this would ever hold a value beyond a leisure pursuit. It did, it became a dream that I consciously and sincerely try to fulfill. These words are my ikigai, they help me escape into a reality that could have been mine. They help me live moments that I wish were true. They help me express love as much as I want. They help me release myself into an oblivion and then save me before I get lost. Writing to me is worship, it’s my most honest self.

I wrote a story on Smita Daya, a corporate paralegal for 25 years doing commercial closings for Wall Street. When she turned 50, she decided to take a step back and look at life from a new lens. She started cooking preparing a plant- based, olive oil-infused cuisine using natural herbs and spices. Today, she owns a restaurant by the name Olea Oliva!

She wrote a book recently and sent me a signed copy with a big thank you note all the way from Georgia, Atlanta. When people ask me what do you earn by writing these stories of people you don’t even know or have never met? I tell them, respect. 

I am extremely grateful to Smita for acknowledging and accepting my words with so much love. This means universe to me.

I dedicate this book to Susan Foley Rocco (The Founder & Producer of Women To Watch Media) for being a very important part of my life and my journey to where I am today.



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