The ‘Why’

I am a religious reader and a follower of Thrive Global, it’s a platform by Arianna Huffington (Founder of Huffington Post). The beauty of this platform is, it is extremely relatable. The authors, who are apparently C-Suite executives, subscribe to colors from the same palate as people like you and I. Please see that I have made this demarcation between the top notch executives and us because, when I see someone at the top talk about things that touch the ground I resonate more, I reflect more, I understand and appreciate more. I was reading an article today by Thomas Oppong (Founder of Alltopstartups) that talked largely about why everybody needs a life philosophy. He says, “Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how.”

As a person, I come from a very protective background, always outlined and well-covered by everyone in the family. While its great to have your corners covered, but somewhere that also make you directionless. Imagine yourself making a square, with corners covered from all sides, you would end up making an octagon. What’s the point! The prime reason I relate to this theory is because, self-realization came to me late. When I chose to leave a job that gave me comfort and pride to swell upon. It was the first time I took an independent decision. I was really scared, but in a way determined.

Now, if you ask me, am I happy? I am, not because it’s my dream job, but because I have broken barriers. A barrier of authority, reliance and maybe validation. And, if there has been an element instrumental in it – it’s the ‘why’. I remember my mother telling me to think twice before I hit ‘send’ on my resignation email. I told her, “I know why I am doing this. If I fail, I will take it and fix it. But let me try.

I don’t want to hover around whether I made the best decision in my life or not, but I want to tell you – some battles you need to choose for yourself, even if you hate fighting. One ‘why’ leads to another and in no time you start creating for yourself what other people just imagine for themselves. It’s incredibly important to take a step back and evaluate how you mirror yourself. Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how.”

– Manvi.

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