Because, you matter to me – Editor’s Diary

Dear Reader,

The closure to an epic year is just around the corner and I want to say something to you.

You are extremely valuable to me, because you give me that sense of responsibility as a writer. If not for you, I wouldn’t have gathered the strength to share my deepest and most realistic experiences. When you read any of my compositions, I feel that I am not alone and my voice is being heard, my emotions are being acknowledged. People write for several reasons, for me it’s a medium of liberation and in that space, if I write something that you can also relate to, there’s nothing more I can ask for.  So, thank you very much. I hope, we continue to share this bond that we have since so long.


This year was bittersweet for me, I felt a lot but wrote very little. The weight of emotions was heavy to carry and when one doesn’t contain significant wisdom, unburdening takes time. This year, I moved cities and jobs, I jumped in the ocean and found new shores. I realized that in the uncanny of ‘I am a strong woman’, how vulnerable I was. So, I embraced my weaknesses, recovered my losses and observed stillness. I made new friends, opened myself to new people, gave myself a chance to accept them in entirety. This year, I also did self-reflection. I made a lot of mistakes, said things I shouldn’t have, beat myself up with a stick and then, felt terrible about it….so, forgave and pulled myself back on feet. This year, I prayed very little. I remembered almighty time and again, but relied on him very little. 


The coming year will be as new to me as to anyone else, so I refuse to anticipate its nature. What I know for sure is – as you & I approach the ‘New Year’ together, I want to make a few commitments to you…

As a writer,

  • I commit to more strength, more resilience and more gratitude.
  • I commit to focus more inward than outward.
  • I commit to learn more and share my learnings with you.
  • I commit to write more and express more.
  • I commit to help you in all possible ways, if need be.
  • Most importantly, I commit to keep my faith in almighty unwavered and unflinching. 

Maya Angelou once said, “Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning”.  So lastly, I commit to voice out and speak what needs to be said at the right time, in the right volume and with the right intention.

Before I end, I want to sincerely thank and give it up for all the people I have collaborated with. They make a large part of who I am. They are my roots.

Happy holidays to you.

Merry Christmas in advance and a very prosperous year ahead!!

– Manvi.

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