​Take Care

He said ‘goodbye’ for one last time and then never showed up again. The door is still open, the windows are uncurtained, but that night in the bury of a full moon she had lost her best friend, her secret admirer, an amazing father to their child and the love of her life…

When you hurt people who care for you, who love you, do you ever anticipate loss? Do you ever imagine ‘what if’ this person never wakes up the next morning? Do you ever think of the irreversible damage those moments of aggression and self-centeredness do? When you ask people to leave, do you recall their presence? 

Last evening, I had a weak moment, and I did something I should not have done. In the morning, I felt daunted by the magnitude of my actions and contemplated how, if little thought, would have been invested I could have avoided the mental injury I caused someone I love deeply. 

I have, time and again, ​objected and condemned abuse or any unfair treatment, then what happens when I am in rage or filled with negativity? Why do I let myself lose? Does it happen to you? If so, what do you do? 

I have read somewhere that, when the wounds are mental, no matter how much you bandage them with food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or sex, the blood will come out and stain your shirt.

– Manvi.

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