Designer Ginni Wadhwa on Breaking Monotony and Playing with Asymmetrical Hemlines!

Designer Ginni Wadhwa at her studio

Why do people get dressed in a certain way? What refrains them from experimenting with their style? How can I show them a different version of themselves and create an experience of a lifetime for them? That’s the kind of question Ginni Wadhwa asks herself every time she sits down with a measurement tape around her neck in her studio on a typical sunny day. The answers reveal how far she has come in her journey as a fashion designer. The Pune-based designer has been altering lives and carefully weaving dreams into reality for the last 10 years.  

Popularly called a ‘Bride’s Genie,’ Wadhwa is known for her silhouettes that exude class and asymmetrical hemlines that display a character’s strength. She loves to play with embroidery, embellishments, and frills that give a unique appearance to all her creations. If you look closely into her designing process, you will find an intricate ensemble of creativity, style, and quality. She finds the process endlessly fascinating. The 44-year-old says, “I spend hours speaking to my clients, reading through their minds, thoughts, and desire to look good… after everything, I put my mind into the process and give them something that makes them and my design stand out. My designs bear a shade of me along with what my client wants to wear and what will look good on them.”

Inclined towards fashion since childhood, Ginni started young with the support of her parents and later her spouse. From a small setup at her home to owning a design studio at a swanky location in Pune – this talented designer continued to climb up the ladder by adding vibrance and diversity to one’s traditional closet. “People are so used to wearing their habitual style. I thought to myself, why not break this habit, bring a sense of freshness to their wardrobes. That’s why you would often find me experimenting at my studio. But all of it is very individualistic in nature because my belief is that every individual has their own beauty to be celebrated. Hence, I put my creative flair in understanding my clients and lure out their innermost fantasies, so that the result perfectly captures their most fabulous selves.”

With more and more plus-size women coming forward and exhibiting confidence in their bodies, and being willing to try different clothing, the scope of experimentation has widely increased for Ginni. She has styled actress Rashmi Desai at Pune Fashion Week 2017. Her fashion label is also known for an exclusive bridal range that includes lehengas, sherwanis, fusion gowns, indo-western outfits, and much more. Ginni’s love for bridal wear comes from its intricacy, the challenging market, and the sea of innovation it offers.

The fashion world can be intimidating. Given the competition, there’s so much pressure for designers to come out with their incredible collection season after season. Still, Ginni seems to be a natural when it comes to design. For her, meeting the deadlines is more of a challenge. We asked her if she ever feared putting herself out there, “Many times. From starting my own line to making a name for myself to creating a brand known for its global and divergent appeal. But despite all the fear, it has definitely been a fun-filled ride, the one where I have learned a lot.”


(Content Exclusive for Real Life Heroes – By Manvi)

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  1. Tahera bibi says:

    I like your designs
    You are a very nice designer
    You’re dresses is fantastic


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