“Learning takes place best in environments where students feel empowered” – Nirmalpreet Kaur

When children enter into a formal schooling system at grade one, the in-between challenges they face and what they receive at the end of schooling reveal a lot about our education system. See, I am not here to change anything radically, but I feel children learn from teachers they like—the ones who can bring a smile to their faces and connect with them on a real, human, personal level. And so, as I embarked on my journey to become a teacher, this eventually became a bigger goal for me.

“The recurrent episodes of humiliation shattered my self-esteem. To release myself of this misery, I attempted suicide several times” – Jayashree Yadav

The story of Jayashree Yadav, a primary school teacher at Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute of Art and Craft, is an insightful reflection on how psychological abuse damages a person’s idea of self. How it causes one to doubt their abilities? How quickly mental and emotional abuse converts into physical violence when one refuses to sit on the sidelines and starts confronting others? Her story speaks for all those women who have been abused by their partner in some way and those who have dared to break that pattern and walk out of a toxic relationship. Her story is both – heartbreaking and brave.

“At SSMI, each role demands ‘a different me’ to show up!” – Gurdeep Kaur

Series: The unconventional Women of SSMI Delhi-based Gurdeep Kaur has worked across an array of disciplines at Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute. From acting as an intermediary between teachers, parents, and school management to coordinating projects for the Gender Resource Center (GRC) and more, she has never shied away from looking beyond the horizon, taking risks,…