The Initiative

Do not fence your surroundings, else, you will kill the creative genius inside you. Spread far. Be Fluid. 

My initiative invigorates self-realization.

When people read these stories, they reflect on their innermost layers and that reflection is strong and deep-rooted, it invokes in them an urge to uncover their veiled potential, it bestows upon them the power to act and bring a change, it ignites in them a spark to find their own way to illuminate this world.

Through Real Life Heroes, I aim to unite people from diverse backgrounds, flora and fauna, color and language, caste and community, religious beliefs, age, identity and gender under one roof, where, they can share their stories and leave impressions of their internal voyage.

With this, I invite you to be a part of my initiative by sharing your story with me…

(Photo: Álvaro Serrano)